Clean Hydrogen in European Cities assessing the environmental, economic and social impacts of the use of hydrogen powered buses.

EIHPII the European Integrated Hydrogen Project is looking at the harmonisation of EU regulations for liquid and compressed gas hydrogen fuelled vehicles and for the refuelling infrastructure.

FUERO is a cluster project setting the component and system requirements for fuel cell vehicles.

HI2H2 is testing an innovative high-temperature electrolyser for the efficient and low-cost production of hydrogen.

High V. LO City promoting the use of hydrogen fuel cell buses in public transport fleets.

HyER supports the deployment and uptake of hydrogen and fuel cells in Europe.

HyFLEET:CUTE will see the operation of 33 hydrogen fuel cell (FC) powered buses in 9 cities around the world. This project builds on the learning and development of previous projects."

HYSAFE brings together key industrial companies and research organisations to collaborate on research on safety issues for hydrogen vehicles and infrastructures.

HyNet is identifying transition strategies for moving from fossil-based energy systems to sustainable energy systems in the future.

Hydrogen Transport Economy (HyTrEc)  the Hydrogen Transport Economy project aims to improve accelerate the adoption of hydrogen as an alternative energy sector across the North Sea Region.

Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association promotes and develops Scottish expertise in fuel cells and hydrogen technologies.

STORHY is developing robust, safe and efficient on-board hydrogen storage systems for vehicles.

UKH2Mobility a government and cross-industry programme to make hydrogen powered travel in the UK a reality.