Frequently asked questions

Is hydrogen safe?
The hydrogen refuelling station, used for the H2 Aberdeen project and the buses that will be using the facility have all been approved by the relevant safety authorities to stringent international standards. Hydrogen has been used for a wide variety of industrial applications for more than 100 years.

Why is hydrogen being used as a fuel?
Hydrogen is being used as it is the world's simplest and most abundant element and when used as a fuel is produces no harmful emissions.

How long will the H2 Aberdeen project be running for?
The H2 Aberdeen project will be running until mid 2017. It is hoped that the H2 Aberdeen project will be considered a success at the end of the initial period and that these buses can become a permanent feature on the roads of Aberdeen and beyond.

Is this project costing Aberdeen taxpayers anything?
To enable demonstration projects of this scale, a public/private sector partnership is necessary to contribute towards the aspiration to take the technology to a global scale. A significant portion of the funding comes from private sector investment, UK Government and European funding bodies. The public sector money in this project was necessary to demonstrate the political support for a low carbon future and projects like this are essential to show that such a future is possible in Scotland. In the long run we all benefit from technologies that create less pollution.

Did you Know...
One kilogram of H2 has three times as much energy as one kilogram of crude oil!


What infrastructure is required to support the project and where will it be located?
A hydrogen production and refuelling station is required to refuel the buses. The station has been built on the Aberdeen City Council Site at Kittybrewster. 

Are hydrogen buses being used elsewhere or is this a new technology?
Hydrogen powered buses are already successfully in use today at many locations across the globe. Some of the most notable locations include London, Hamburg, Milan, Oslo, California, Amsterdam & Cologne. The H2 Aberdeen project will be the largest demonstration of these types of buses and will help position Aberdeen as a pioneer in the technology and renewable energy sector of the UK.

For more information on the H2 projects in Aberdeen, please visit the resources section of the website.